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Welcome to the Encyclopedia of Florida

It's like Wikipedia, but for Florida. Also you can be sarcastic and say things like 'fuck.'

Our mission[edit]

Let's build this shit together as Floridians, Florida Natives, Florida Mans, Tourists, Outsiders, and humans alike.

Right now there's not much here. It's up to the public to change that.

This is important stuff...

How to contribute using the wiki software (the basics)[edit]

Start with the User's Guide (Right click and open in a new tab or window)

Read the instructions first and keep that window open as a cheat sheet. Then use the search function, add missing pages, and make edits. Try not to fuck anything up. This site runs on good faith that you won't spam it to death. That being said, say whatever the fuck you want, as long as it's relevant, true, funny, and/or so Florida.

The links in red don't have pages yet. Feel free to add your own pages and definitions. Soon we will create individual counties and cities.

You can add new pages right away, as soon as you verify your email address.

To avoid spam, all edits made to existing pages must be approved by a reviewer before appearing on the site, unless you are the creator of the page. If you want to become a reviewer, you first have to earn our trust by submitting a few quality edits. We might invite you to help us. Or just ask: Contact WTFF

Have fun and go hard.

How to be a lazy ass bitch and just enjoy the site[edit]

Just use the search to the left or start reading the Florida page. Enjoy.

WTF Florida[edit]

This website is brought to you by, Florida's best worst news site.