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Florida Redneck is the best type of redneck. They love all people, regardless of race or religion.

The Florida Redneck has a lot in common with the Florida Cracker, though rednecks are sometimes Tranplants and Florida Crackers are always Florida Natives.

For the degenerate version of a redneck, please see Stupid Redneck Asshole.



Florida Rednecks love to have a good time

Gun experts[edit]

These rednecks grew up around guns and know how to use them. They treat the NRA Gun Safety rules like the Bible. For the ones who accidentally shoot themselves in drunken accidents, see Stupid Redneck Asshole.

Doesn't trust the government[edit]

While they don't all have a formal education, they are smart enough to know that America's owned by corporations, and the media's full of shit.


Hard working[edit]

They usually work in construction out in the sun, hence the red neck.


These people will give you their last beer if you're thirsty.


Stuck in a ditch? Florida Rednecks will pull you out with their giant pickup trucks.

Hates the beach[edit]

For some reason, you hardly ever see rednecks at the beach. Florida Crackers love the beach though.


Florida Rednecks love wearing Florida Gators memorabilia, especially hats. They often wear Rebel Flag gear.